Services Overview

Custom Design

Need a project completed but can’t find it in this list? Just give us a call. One of our Design Specialists can create a solution tailored to your individual needs. Whether it’s wiring your outdoor living space or setting up surround sound for a home theater of any size, we will offer sound advice and a plan of action.

Home Automation

Smart homes are the wave of the future, and if your home isn’t connected yet you are missing out. Our home automation services include alarm systems, televisions, sound systems, and more, all of which you can operate from your mobile device or tablet!

Home Audio & Video

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends in home entertainment so we are prepared for any home’s audio and video system. The Sundog crew are experts in unique installations, including mounting televisions on rock and other walls and creating custom wiring solutions for the best sound.

Energy Management

Worried about how much your AC runs when you’re not home over the summer? Our Energy Management solutions allow you to monitor your AC usage, increase or decrease the temperature, and even turn lights on and off remotely. Consider us your partners in keeping that energy bill down!

Structured Wiring

The foundation of home automation is the right wiring system. Our experienced team has seen and handled a variety of complex wiring systems in everything from ranch homes to mountainside estates. We will develop the right wiring plan for your home and communicate with you every step of the way.

Home Theater Systems

Lights, camera, action! If you have a vision for your home theater, need some guidance, or simply want it set up without a hassle, give our Sundog crew a call. We handle equipment for everything from your outdoor sports paradise to the theater or living room you and your family gather in for movie night.


Protecting your home means protecting your family and everything you’ve worked hard to build. We can set up a surveillance system to monitor from all over the house and even on vacation that includes cameras, alarms, and more so you’re never left wondering about your home’s security.

Wire Troubleshooting

One of the best pieces of advice we can give to clients is to leave wiring to the pros, both for safety and correct set-up. If a piece of equipment isn’t working in your home, or you have wiring concerns, we will come in and take care of it so you can enjoy a functional home theater and peace of mind.

Call For Results!

When you call the Sundog crew, you’re calling the best in the home automation, security, and entertainment system business. We’ll tailor a custom plan to meet your every need and always offer sound advice.